This is to certify that:

  1. the thesis comprises only my original work towards the Masters degree except where indicated in the Preface,

  2. due acknowledgement has been made in the text to all other material used,

  3. the exegesis is 12,501 words in length, inclusive of footnotes and captions, but exclusive of tables, maps, bibliography and appendices.


The exegesis and creative components A & B of this practice led thesis, DUMBSTRUCK: Lessons in Silence, is entirely my own work except where indicated via bibliographical reference. The screenplay, Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living, a ‘silent’ adaptation of the 2005 Australian novel, Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living, written by Carrie Tiffany. The screenplay, while based on Tiffany’s original story, is entirely my own work. The short film, Donkey in a Lion’s Cage, was written, directed and edited by me. All other contributors to the work are acknowledged in the film’s credits.


Dr. Annabelle Murphy – my supervisor – who pushed me with patience and intelligence. Thank you.
Morag Fraser, Catriona Jackson, Andrew Fraser and Frank Jackson – my personal, familial, editorial team – you make me smarter than I am – for that I am forever in your debt (a debt I intend to grow).
Max, Bella, Elsie, Lucca, and Essie – I would have finished this thing much sooner had it not been for your excellent company – but, heck, slow and steady wins the race.

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